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Dissertations, Theses,
and White Papers

Our editors can assist you in editing and formatting English-language dissertations and master's theses as well as white papers and other academic presentations.

Style formats include AP, Chicago Manual, Turabian, MLA, AMA, and APA. 

Nondisclosure agreements are available at no extra cost. 


Proofreading and copyediting (up to 30 pages):



Proofreading and copyediting

(over 30 pages): 


Structural edits:

Formatting, charts + tables, PowerPoint presentations:

Initial consult (15 minutes):


$0.03 per word - 2 to 5 days

$0.6 per word - 1 day turnaround


$0.03 per word - delivery date depends on length

$75 per hour

$40 per hour


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